The Power of Silent Meditation


The most powerful tool I have to offer anyone is regular daily meditation. This means taking our hands off the steering wheel of our life for a little while and  simply allowing everything to  be as it is. Meditation is allowing awareness to rest  free of identification with the on-going neurotic process of the Me-Mind. It is simply being still and resting as effortless, choice-less, silent awareness.

Those who accept this offer find both their neurotic process and the on-going drama of their life rapidly diminishing as they are no longer investing their psychic energy into either. They tend to be present and aware in their lives. They respond to people and situations in a  spontaneous, wise, compassionate way from their heart.

Something wonderful is realized in silence. And it is nothing that the mind can grasp, perceive or think about. It is freedom unknown and unknowable by the me-mind. And therefore the mind tends to discount and ignore its own source of  love, intelligence and power.

Most people do not to want to step out of the on-going drama of their lives. It defines who they are. They want to win or at least be the star of their show. They consciously and unconsciously feed the drama. They want a good on-going story and they want to be the hero of that story. And that is ok!  It is the way most of us keep ourselves entranced and entertained as we rush to the grave.

There is an alternative to being defined by drama, by past and future. It is discovering the truth of who and what we really are. And then a whole new  possibility arises. It arises from the heart. The mind becomes the servant of the heart and a whole new way of  life begins.