This Teaching Is All Inclusive


A Note To The weekly Satsang Group –

As many of you have commented, each and very week when we chant OM (AUM) together from the Heart, something wonderful happens. In the tradition of All Inclusive Kundalini Tantra, this is called Shaktipata, or the Descent of Grace.

OM is the Pranava, the Divine Vibration (Spanda) of Absolute Consciousness.
It is the sound body of God.
OM is the Big Bang, the Word.
The ancient Vedas of India say, “In the beginning was the Lord with whom was the Word and the Word was the Lord.” The Gospel of St. John from the Bible says, “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
OM is you and you are OMOM creates, sustains and dissolves the entire Universe. OM is the Play  of Consciousness. Om is the bindu, the non-dimensional point where everything comes into and goes out of existence. OM is everything, prior to and beyond. 
In the All Inclusive Tantrik tradition, it is recognized that we have both Mukti and BhuktiYoga and Bhoga.
Mukti is spiritual liberation or Freedom. Yoga is Oneness with God or Absolute Consciousness. You always already are the Presence of Absolute Consciousness. You are Shiva pretending you are a jiva, the ocean pretending it is only a wave.
Bhukti and Bhoga are you enjoying the Play of Consciousness. Through the Shakti Yogas, You can have health, pleasure, wealth, love, happiness and prosperity. These yogas bring us into alignment with the Play of Consciousness, into flowing smoothly in the infinite waters of the Tao.
THE AWAKENED HEART CENTER is the home of Chit Kundalini Shakti, the Power of Consciousness. When we chant OM from the Heart, this power unfolds within us. It is God dwelling within us as us.
SHIVA is Pure Unconditioned Absolute Consciousness, free of all attributes, forms, ideas, concepts and perceptions. Shiva is Absolute Transcendence. The inconceivable, imperceivable absolute Subject…  And yet …
SHAKTI is everything that exists. She is the Play of Consciousness, the Play of your Consciousness. She is the Immanent expression of all possibilities. She is God within you as you. She is both Bhukti and Mukti.
Shiva/Shakti are Dynamic (Shakti) Stillness (Shiva).
HRIDAYA is the HEART of all Being, Non-Being, Both and Neither. It transcends and yet includes all things, no thing, both and Neither, It is Shiva and Shakti and yet eternally free.
You can not have a front without a back. You can’t have a back without a front. Front and back are expressions of one thing. In the same way Shiva and Shakti are Not Two. (Advaita) 
Some weeks I teach from the view of Shakti, the Play of Consciousness.  All systems, methods, teachings, techniques or upayas come from this view. They help improve the quality of our life, relationships and spiritual life. They are life positive.
Some weeks I teach from the view of Shiva, the Unconditioned Absolute. I point out that all there is, is Consciousness. You are Consciousness. There is nothing to be done or realized. It is always already This. You are This.


All weeks I teach from the HEART –  HRIDAYA. THIS IS IT! YOU ARE IT!!! This is the play of  Consciousness.


The “I AM” (Aham) that I am is the same “I AM” that you are and the same “I AM” as Jesus, Buddha, and all beings everywhere. “I AM” is the swinging door of Shiva/Shakti. On one side, vast stillness. On the other side, the ten thousand things. Not two. Dynamic Stillness.


THIS, here now, as you are and as it is, is as God as it gets!


All of this is not meant to be understood. It is meant to be realized!