The importance of the Monday Night Meetings is our being together in satsang….BEING together, not the words spoken.
The words are only pointers to the truth of your being, the truth of all being. As they say in zen, do not mistake the finger for the moon it is pointing to.
Words are not the thing. Different teachers use words differently. They are just pointers to the truth, not the truth itself. 
It is important to keep the teaching as clear and simple as possible, otherwise people will think about the words too much and become philosophers instead of realizers.
Realizing the truth is simple, but if you identify with the thoughts in your mind, it will not be easy. Truth is prior to any thought. It is eternally present and free. It is what you always already are.
Thoughts (mind), arise in consciousness. Thoughts do not exist without consciousness but consciousness does exist without thoughts.
Consciousness arises in Awareness. Consciousness does not exist without Awareness, but awareness exists eternally free without reliance on anything.
Awareness is the Un-born Mother of everything.
You are Awareness Itself. You don’t have to do anything to be what you already are.
You can not think your way to enlightenment, but it can be realized.
Love is another word for this Awareness. It allows everything to be as it is.
Lots of Love to you!