The Two Expressions of Conscious Living

1 (1)Conscious Living is life positive. We are individuated expressions of Dynamic Consciousness.
There are two  expressions of Conscious Living.
One is resting as our True Nature as SilenceStillnessOpennessUnconditional Love and Acceptance.
The other is the  Dynamic Expression of this Stillness as the Creative Intelligence that manifests as all things and beings everywhere.

For us as individuals, our Creative Intelligence expresses itself as skillful and effective action (Hara)loving kindness, acceptance and compassion (Heart) and wisdom, insight, intuition and intelligence (Third Eye) in the relationship and activities of our everyday lives.

It is the evolution of Consciousness within and as the human being.

I suggested that people stand in the question, “What is Life Using Me For?” and look around at their life to see.

The secret of accessing this Creative Intelligence is Being Present as Awake Awareness Now. Your Life is Happening Now.