The Current of Love


-This was written in response to a question about surrender.-

The stopping just happens. It just happens….the mind wants to know, it wants to be in control and have a clear, accurate map of reality, of what is going on and why, of what to believe and what to do.

At some point this entirely stops. It stops. There is no longer any map of reality! Yikes! What is a mind to do? Nothing. When the Heart awakens, the mind’s need to understand disappears into the unconditional love and acceptance of the Heart. There is the spontaneous arising of the present within presence. There is Just This Here Now. Life is just happening. It is all a mystery, life is happening. It is all Improv Theater.

And yet there is a dynamic living Current of Love and Intelligence that lives us and guides us as this Presence that we are. This current of unconditional Love is living all of us.

When awakening happens, emotional armoring and narcissistic encapsulation fall away and feelings for all beings everywhere are felt much more deeply as they are just another form of the same being that you are, like waves in an ocean, like different fingers on the same hand.  You know you are the ocean but you are still a wave….for now! And you feel very deeply, with love and acceptance for everyone, just as they are.