What to do?


Some people have expressed anger and concern over the fact that I am a “spiritual teacher” with an opinion about the human condition and its on-going insanity and self-destruction.

I really have no idea what the word “spiritual” means or refers to. I do know what consciousness is. That is why I call what I do “conscious living.” Consciousness is the first fact of  all other facts. Without consciousness, there are no other facts. It is the one common fact of our life for all of us everywhere. I do not profess any authority over anyone, nor any special knowledge, wisdom or ability. I do not hold myself up as an example for anything. I meet with people privately and in groups to participate in existential explorations with them and to support them in their life process. People come and go by their own free will. There is nothing to join here. The only rule is that everyone is kind and respectful to everyone else. Apparently some people feel they have benefited by these explorations as they continue to be involved after 30 years or so. Some people have actually said they experience me as being God-realized. Others have attacked me for being an atheist. I am as I am.  I do have strong values and I do take a stand. I clearly promote sanity, kindness, love, acceptance, cooperation… and open-minded skepticism. Question everything! Look and ask for evidence! Don’t sweep the bs under the rug and look the other way.  For some reason my pointing out certain things like complete hypocrisy seems to upset some people. I am not saying I am right. I am saying lets be honest and take a good look together.