Letter to a Friend – Confusion about Awakening and Reality Tunnels


I am glad we ran into the confusion about awakening and reality tunnels.

All of this can be very confusing if you think about it. Truth cannot be spoken nor thought so we can only point towards This. And the pointers are often paradoxical….like almost always! They are trans-rational, not linear.
Enlightenment/Truth is not a reality tunnel. It is not a concept, opinion, experience, belief or point of view. It is not anything perceivable or conceivable. And yet it expresses as everything.
It is total freedom. Freedom from all reality tunnels and also the freedom to express as any reality tunnel. It is us just as we are.
We are multi-dimensional beings and there are skillful and effective means (upayas) to enhance every dimension of our being… as humans, we live and function in reality tunnels. Very few ever step off the train. And when they do, many don’t come back.
Conscious Living is all inclusive…it includes every aspect of our being and transcends being. I will cover this in satsang and again in the up-coming Intensive.
Existential exploration is an upaya. It requires an existential act of courage… the courage to turn the light of truth on oneself, investigate and then take action. It is a great yoga. Reality rewards action.

As it says on the first page of our website

“Conscious Living is for those of us who are deeply interested in realizing the truth of our being and living this truth in the relationships and activities of our everyday life.”

Love and accept yourself as you are! You are as much an expression of This as anyone or anything.