Kundalini Shakti is the Goddess Within Us as Us


There are many popular misconceptions about Kundalini Shakti. Perhaps the most popular misconception is that Kundalini is just energy, prana, chi and that Kundalini Yoga is just an energy yoga. This popular but very limited understanding is even perpetuated by Kundalini yogis from India.

The living truth is that Kundalini Shakti is the dynamic and creative power of Supreme Consciousness. Without Her, nothing exists. Although other terms may be used to describe Her, She is the source of all spiritual traditions. She is the creative intelligence that creates YOU, thinks your thoughts, hears from your ears, sees from your eyes. She is the power that enables you to read these words and express your joy and insight or your doubt and skepticism. Without Her, you don’t exist! When you are aware that you are aware and present, that is Her expressing as you. You are the wave, She is the ocean.  You are the ocean, She is the wave. Not two. She is the true guru within. She is your Divine Mother. She lives you.

I use the designation “She,” as anyone involved in a true Kundalini process tends to honor the Kundalini Shakti as the Divine Mother of The Universe, as Nothing Being Everything.

Some non-dualists worry that having devotion and honoring Divine Consciousness as the Mother of Everything is dualistic and unenlightened. They are half-baked, hiding out in the ghost’s cave of a very limited and dry point of view. They are are completely missing the other half of the equation, which is the living and dynamic expression of Supreme Consciousness as you, me, them, everyone and everything. She is the gift of life. She is Life Being You.

Even the great Advaita Vedantin, Adi Shankara, was a devotee of Kundalini Shakti. How could he not be? He wrote the very beautiful Saundarya Lahari in Her honor. He called Her the Eternal Ocean of Beauty and Bliss.

She is the play of Consciousness, delighting in Her own bliss. Her expression is Sat Chit Ananda, “I” am existence being, “I” am conscious awareness, “I” am love bliss peace. The “I” that She is, is the same “I” that you are and everyone else is. She is our true nature.

Tantrik sadhana is usually misunderstood as a form of seeking. But there is nothing to seek. This is It! When Kundalini unfolds within us, sadhana is the play and expression of Divine Consciousness in every aspect of our life, not a seeking for it. “We” don’t do sadhana, She does us.  Tantrik sadhana is an expression of the Bliss of Being. She is all inclusive awareness. She is unconditional love. Our lives are the living expression of Her Lila, or Divine Play of Consciousness. Don’t be afraid of life and hide out in the ghost’s cave. She is giving us this wonderful gift of life, love and consciousness. Delight in your gift!

“All Life Is Yoga.” ~ Sri Aurobindo

Om Shree Kundalini Shakti Namaha!

Ya Devi, Sarve Bhuteshu

Maa Rupena Sansthita,

Namastasyai, Namastasyai, Namastastyai,

Namo Namaha!


One thought on “Kundalini Shakti is the Goddess Within Us as Us

  1. This is lovely pure and a rich knowledge. I was always looking fr this explanation. Thank you sooo much fr this post. After reading this all my arguments on kundalini evaporates. Much love n light to u. Keep the good work up n keep enlightening us. Namastasye namastasye namoh namaha.

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