True Awakening



This that is awake in you is already awake. We seek “getting this” within the realm of the contents of consciousness, including spiritual beliefs and experiences, all the while all seeking is happening in awake and free awareness. It is not recognized by the mind because it is not an object and there is nothing for the mind to grasp or recognize as there is no thing here. No matter how much the objects of awareness are manipulated, whether mechanically or with so-called free will, you end up with the contents of consciousness. In a moment attention can shift from the contents of consciousness, as exotic as they may be, and realize its true nature as effortless, choice-less, ever present awareness. There is nothing to grasp as you always already are This.

Most of what passes for psychology, spirituality, philosophy and religion is manipulating the contents of consciousness, whether it be with techniques, experiences, beliefs, concepts or grasping for identity, meaning and purpose.

True Awakening is a radical shift in perspective from focusing on the contents of consciousness to resting as the ultimate context of choiceness awareness. When this shift happens, there is no longer the seeking of identity, happiness, fulfillment or meaning by manipulating the contents. Life becomes much more playful and flowing.

Enjoy the play of Consciousness. Consciousness is all there is.