Is That So?

“Nobody ever becomes enlightened,” has become a very in vogue thing to say within the current spiritual milieu to show how enlightened we are. This statement can be very misleading.

When the intelligence of free awareness recognizes that there is no separate and unique self, there is still a functional cognitive center within the human body. Seeking has ended, the cognitive center knows seeking has ended, and it also knows it is not the author of itself or its thoughts, feelings and actions. In a way, it knows it is completely helpless!

There are no longer a lot of thoughts occupying its psychic space as it no longer has to keep propping itself up with games, beliefs, concepts, ideas, positions, philosophy, religion, etc.

Life (or whatever) creates it, uses it, flows through it, and is it. The embodied being relaxes into life as it wants to be lived. There is no resistance to it being as it is. All the thought that was once necessary to prop up a separate sense of self with its own little world is now gone. There is mostly silence instead. All the life energy once used to hold “me” and “my” world together is now free to dance as it will.

This embodied cognitive center is very aware something has stopped happening, and if asked, it may very well say, “enlightenment or awakening has happened.” What it means by that is something has stopped happening. It is simply reporting an experiential fact. Whether this fact is accepted by others or not is completely irrelevant. Who cares?

“Enlightenment only has meaning to the unenlightened because for the enlightened, there are no unenlightened. There is just this.”