“Spiritual” awakening does not seem to be in anyone’s hands – it happens to some apparent people.
When the compulsion to awaken happens, there is nothing to be done. Yesterday in satsang, I compared it to a spinning top. Almost all societal, familial, religious, spiritual, psychological and personal injunctions are to keep your top spinning as fast as possible. But when awakening begins to happen, the top begins to slow down and wobble. So we rush off to find a way to keep it spinning, a new teaching, a new project, a new relationship, a new course or seminar,…whatever.
But slowly, slowly, the top goes back to wobbling and then one day it just falls over and stops forever. And then it is seen there is no top. It is not something we are, it is something we do.
Our satsang is full of wobbling tops. Some have fallen over. Those that want to keep spinning as fast as possible do not stick around for long! This is a description, not a prescription. You know whether you are a wobbling top or not!
And special thanks to all the wobbling tops who come to satsang! 🙏❤️🙏

Satsang and Direct Transmission


When I speak of “transmission,” I mean the direct recognition triggered by intelligent energy that seems to come from outside the apparently encapsulated “me-mind” and frees the apparent experience of limited awareness from the prison of belief, thoughts and concepts into the direct recognition of being the free, open, unobstructed field of awareness, love, and wisdom.

No matter what may be discussed or practiced, the foundation of satsang is this direct transmission of grace and resting as awake all-inclusive seamless awareness.

Satsang is a special transmission outside the scriptures, before words or thoughts arise. It is a direct pointing to one’s essential freedom and recognizing one’s true unborn nature prior to any beliefs, concepts or ideas.

The encapsulated “me” mind is a tension, a resistance. It is something that is done, it is not what we are.

Something wants you to wake up!

“The winds of grace are always blowing.” ~ Sri Ramakrishna

“All things are perfectly resolved in the Unborn.” ~ Bankei

The secret is to relax.  You are Home.   ❤️💥❤️