Infinite Intelligent Energy

KUNDALINI SHAKTI is the infinite intelligent energy in an individuated form living us as us. We don’t awaken Kundalini, She awakens us. The concepts, beliefs and practices around Kundalini are cultural but the dynamic living experience of Kundalini is not.

It seems like awakened Kundalini is very similar to having another sense. You can’t explain what it is like to see to someone who hasn’t opened their eyes. Once their eyes open, it takes time to process and make sense of the absolute astonishment of what is being seen. Or they can close their eyes again.

Kundalini takes us out of ourselves into the infinite field of Being and returns us transformed. Something has been realized that can not be expressed in words, beliefs or thought and yet It has been expressed as Being Love Bliss Consciousness. This realization is available to anyone who is willing to open their eyes, lets go and lets Goddess.