Solipsism –

In true awakening, solipsism is blown apart, not realized. There is no longer a self- obsessed “me,” to be a solipsist .

There is no “my” consciousness – or anything else for that matter.A true teacher points out and helps one investigate what is essential and true. They do not program one with beliefs, philosophies or concepts. Quite the opposite, they pull the conceptual rug out from beneath ones’s feet over and over again.

When awakening happens, one awakens out of all of this as it is all human constructs. Many, if not most, get stuck in the Ghost’s Cave, the desert, existential despair, the emptiness and meaningless of it all. This is also where the solipsist view and philosophy may arise to protect the now seemingly “enlightened” “me.”

Because there are no longer any concepts or beliefs to cling to and seeking has apparently stopped, without a good teacher they think they are at the end of the road when in fact they are only half-baked.

This is a time a teacher can be essential.But the final truth is it all happens by grace, including finding a teacher who actually knows what they are doing. And yet, as Ramakrishna pointed out, the winds of grace are always blowing. 🙏❤🙏