Satsang With Tom. Being Together

This satsang is descriptive, not prescriptive. I don’t know what anyone “should” be doing about anything. The only rule we have at satsang is be kind and respectful to everyone. Including yourself. And me.

I call what I do “sharing.” This sharing is an expression of my own insights, experiences, and understanding that come from over fifty years of training with many different gurus and teachers in both the enlightenment traditions and human potential movement. Although many things are shared, what is always pointed to is self-evident if one is willing to honestly look.

What is shared is an all inclusive view. It is a smörgåsbord of views, pointers, and upayas (skillful and effective means.) People come, take what they want and leave the rest for others. There are no “shoulds,” here. What may deeply resonate and be useful with some people may not resonate at all with others. And that is OK.

People who come to satsang have all sorts of backgrounds, experiences, views, interests and issues. They come for many different reasons. What is asked is “What is it that you really, really want?

All are welcome. We enjoy Being together as we are. This is satsang. With great love and respect, I welcome you to satsang. 🙏❤🙏

Consider This

This is not a trick but an honest investigation.

Are you intelligent? Do you have intelligence? Is your body intelligent, running the many functions it has to, to keep you alive and reading this? Is your body more intelligent than “you” are? What is running your life when you are deep asleep at night? What is it that designs and implements the amazing dreams you may have? Is it you? I hope you have had amazing, life transforming dreams. Do you know how to do what your body is doing right now? What is living you? Is your body intelligent or are you the only one who is intelligent? Is it possible you are not the most intelligent being in your body? Is it possible that there is an intelligence greater that your own living you? Is it even possible that you are not the most intelligent being in the universe? Is that even possible? Is it possible that there may be someone or something more intelligent than you are right here now?

If that is even a possibility, consider for a moment what that means? Consider what it means if it is possible that there is an intelligence greater than our own. It could mean that we do not know what is really going on. It could mean we really don’t have it all figured out. It may mean we are very encapsulated within our limited maps of reality. We secretly pretend we know something even if we claim we don’t.

Could it be there is an intelligence greater than our own? Is that possible? How would we know? Are we intelligent enough to even recognize it? Perhaps not. How would we know unless we set aside our maps, opinions and positions? Are we willing to step out of our narcissistic encapsulation and take a fresh look with open eyes, heart and mind? It is possible that something more intelligent than we are may be everywhere? Is that even possible? How would we know? It is actually very simple if we are willing to be perfectly honest. ❤