This Sharing

Over the years that I have been on FB, I have posted this a few hundred times but due to some recent misunderstandings and criticisms by the elite spiritual cognoscenti, I am reposting it once again. I am NOT an advaita teacher, although I know what advaita is.

I am not even a neo-advaita teacher although late at night when alone in bed I fantasize about being One. 🤣

I am not really a teacher anymore. I share with those who are interested what naturally interests me. What I share arises from an all inclusive view. So there is paradox. Most minds don’t do well with paradox. Can your mind handle paradox? 🤔

All inclusive means including everything. All possible Reality Tunnels and freedom from all Reality Tunnels. Being, Not Being, watching Netflix, feeding the cat, going to the gym, meditating, being right and making others wrong (the elite spiritual cognoscenti are masters of this! 🤣,) being wrong (I, apparently, am a master of this 😱), getting enlightened, believing enlightenment doesn’t exist, atheism, true believers, agnostics, trying to be better, not trying anymore, Tibetan Buddhism, going to therapy, spending years in the spiritual circus, seeking, not seeking. Whatever arises within awareness and even awareness itself even though awareness doesn’t actually exist.

Do you know what”exists” means? And do you know how hard it is for brains to make something that doesn’t actually exist??? 🤔

This sharing is All Inclusive.

However, what I do often suggest is really stopping for a few minutes and honestly checking out what it is that is really, really driving you? What is your carrot??? It is not in any way wrong to have a carrot. It is just very, very wise to be clear and honest about what the carrot is that is really running your show. Most people do not let this into their conscious awareness and for good reason.When your carrot is honestly seen and accepted, something amazing may suddenly stop happening and fall away. Either way, you are always already loved and included. By me anyway. ❤🙏❤🙏❤

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