The Game of Human Life

This is a pointer, not the truth …. and yet –

When we “choose” to play a game of chess, we willingly limit our awareness and capacity to do things only according to the rules of the game of chess. Certain pieces can only move in certain ways at certain times. We become very concentrated, very focused on the game. Our strategies and our opponents strategies become all that matters and the rest of reality fades into the background. We are entranced, hypnotized by the game. It becomes very real.

In the same way IT SEEMS that supreme awareness, to experience its infinite creative possibilities, chooses to become a human instrument – or anything else , perhaps  a slime mold, or star cluster. Because of the way this game is played, each instrument comes with its own genetic predispositions and societal programming. It has certain limitations and capacities, just like a piece in a chess game. It becomes absorbed in the game of human life, usually acting only out of the first 3 chakras of survival, reproduction/sex and power, domination or submission. It invests in the game, not in trying to understand WTF is going on.

If the human instrument has the open program to “wake up,” at some point it begins to question everything and look more deeply. It will find most of the avenues it follows are ulitimately un-satisfying, just another program within the game.

“The greater the doubt, the greater the enlightenment.” – Boshan, Hakuin and other Zen masters

If it is lucky, (grace) it may directly discover that the knot of individuated consciousness it has experienced it self to be (wave), is part of a program of a vast ocean of Intelligent Awareness that is playing a game of creating and discovering infinite possibilities and creating subject /object awareness to enhance the game and hypnosis required to believe it is real.

Most of what passes as science, spirituality and religion, etc is just waves experiencing different possibilities of the game of their wave-ness. They are different Reality Tunnels. Everyone believes their Reality Tunnel is real and argues for it.

The danger of discovering what is actually happening is it may well trigger END GAME. And it does on many levels.  

One who has “awakened” knows the vast currents of the ocean is running its wave-ness and knows the wave and ocean are the same yet different. This has led some to say things like, “The Jiva (individuated consciousness/wave) IS Shiva (Supreme Awareness/Ocean)” or “God dwells within you AS you,” or “THIS is as God as it gets.”

Chess is something humans made up. In and of itself, it does not exist. It needs humans to exist. The most enjoyable way to play chess is to become totally immersed in the game, totally hypnotized by the game, make it very real and important by trying to win.

This is suspension of disbelief.

Most humans are deeply engaged in their personal game of chess, at whatever level they play it, and they seldom question it. 

If they do, the questioning leads to an instability in the game, is threatening to other players and they suggest you get back into line and focus on the game. Get more deeply hypnotized. Embellish your Reality Tunnels, whatever they may be.

For some, it is too late! They have been swept away by the ocean of bliss and yet there seems to be some wave-ness left, like Tony Parsons, Ramana, Nityananda, Nisargadatta, Whitman, Meister Eckhart, Spinoza, etc.

For those deeply engaged in the game of life, those who keep pointing out that it is just a game and that it really doesn’t matter if you win, lose or take a nap, so you may as well relax, have fun and enjoy it, are often asked to shut up, leave the room and go far, far way!  The game must go on! 🤣