True Confession!

I don’t think anyone has to know or experience anything about “Kundalini” to wake up and be free. 

In so many ways, the “idea” of it un-necessarily complicates things. “Have I had Shaktipat?” “Is my Kundalini awake?” “Do I need a guru?” How do I purify my karma, samsakras, nadis, vasanas?” “How do I balance my Chakras?”

Of course these concerns have a legitimate place if someone is truly undergoing the Kundalini process and needs support for the deep integration of the process for their health and well-being. First it must be recognized Everything Already Is IT.

Kundalini Shakti is what most people in the west call “spirit,” or “holy spirit.” Kundalini Shakti is the Power of Infinite Awareness expressing as an individuated form, as you. Chit Shakti or the Power of Consciousness is what is running the whole show and is the whole show. It is the play of Consciousness.

The “belief” in Kundalini and chakras way too easily becomes a huge road-side attraction, full of concepts, practices, time, seeking, future … and spiritual materialism- “I give shaktipat!”  “I am highly evolved.” “my 3rd eye is open, I can see what you are really thinking,” “my kriyas are much more advanced than your kriyas!” “My chakras are more open than those of most people.”  “I can transmit shakti.”
It too easily becomes more fodder for the mind to obsess about as it is a form of seeking and distracts from Life Here Now.

One of the most important things I got from meeting Gangaji in the 1990s is the question, “What do you really, really want?” This is a very important question!!! I ask this question at satsang all the time. What do you really want? What is it you are really seeking?

If what you really, really want is to wake up and see clearly, then you do not need to add one more belief, concept, idea or practice to your repertoire. This. Here. Now. This Is It.

As Christopher Wallis points out, This is as God as it gets!

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