The Three Tantiens

In The Hara Training, Healing Words and certain Hatha Yoga classes, we worked with the three Tantiens or centers of Dynamic Consciousness within the human instrument. For our highest functioning and well-being, they all need to be empowered and integrated within themselves and with each other. What is usually seen is one is overly developed while the others underdeveloped. And there are usually imbalances within each tantien. Too much Yin and not enough Yang; or too much Yang and not enough Yin. ☯️ 

The first is below the navel, The Hara or lower Tantien. This is the deep grounding root that feeds the whole system. According to Yoga, all 72,000 nadis or psychic channels have their roots in the hara or kanda. My Buddhist teacher use to tell me not to get involved with certain people as they “have no hara.” The hara is the home of Ki/Chi/ Prana Shakti, the power center for the whole human instrument. Having a strong hara leads to radiant health, skillful action and deep connection to the infinite ocean of Ki. Some people, such as certain martial artists and teachers, have high levels of Ki and can extend or transmit this power to others, which can seem very sexy, loving, mystical and magical. But this power may not be connected to Love or Wisdom. The Hara is also known as the Kanda in yoga as it is the resting place of Kundalini. It is known as the Kath in Sufism.💥

The second is at The Heartthe middle tantien. This is the center of loving kindness, compassion, acceptance, and deep inner connection with apparent others. This is often developed in a very imbalanced way such as devotion only to certain people, a certain deity,  guru or teaching but not to other life forms. In balance and integration, the Love and Acceptance is All Inclusive and is fed by the strength of the Hara. Love in Action.

The Upper Tantien or Third Eye is between and slightly above the eye brows. It has been called The Center of Christ Consciousness. It is the upper tantien which is the source of deep wisdom, creative intelligence, penetrating insight, intuition, and mystical awareness. This center is too often imbalanced by over-thinking, and collecting knowledge and information, mistaking them for intelligence and wisdom. This happens when the Third Eye is not deeply connected to the feed from the Heart and Hara

So the focus of balance and integration of the Tantiens may be very different for each person. It is an on-going commitment of vigilance and awareness.  2764.png