Last night in satsang we began discussing a subject that we need to go into with more depth. So, to prime the pump, contemplate this during the week.

Question: What is the main thing that prevents us from being Awake Now?
Answer: Identification as the MEGO.
Question: What is the Mego?
Answer: The Mego is thoughts thinking about themselves.

 They do this to give themselves an identity called ME! And this bundle of thoughts which are beliefs, opinions, memories and positions in life, want to survive as themselves, so they self perpetuate.

The Mego is a fear-based, self-perpetuating Survival Mechanism. To survive, it makes its opinions, beliefs, positions and memories RIGHT and those that disagree with it WRONG! It make  others ( and conflicting aspects of itself) wrong by being Judgmental, Critical and Condescending.
The Mego KNOWS it is right and can provide all the proof and evidence possible to prove its position.
As the SUPER MEGO, it is RIGHT from a religious or spiritual perspective. For instance, it may release an inferior religious belief system such as being a Christian Baptist and take on a much more sophisticated delusional system such as Vajrayana Buddhism.
And then when old Baptist Granny is dying, it reads the Tibetan Book of the Dead to her, all full of Wrathful and Peaceful  Deities, and scare the loving Bejesus out of her in her last minutes in this worldly plane.
The Mego/SuperMego can use all spiritual and religious teaching as a way to be Right and make others with different views Wrong!!!  This is a form of Spiritual Materialism, which I will also be speaking about soon.
The Spiritual Mego Knows it is right because God, Jesus, Guru, Buddha, whatever, is on its side!!! IT says so right in this book here, or in guruji’s last teaching.
The Super Mego loves to make the Mego wrong, it loves to beat it up from a superior spiritual view such as when it is struggling to have a quiet mind in meditation or trying to never thinking a bad thought again. The Mego goes to war with itself. This is better than Harry Potter or Game of Thrones!!!
When the MEGO gets frightened it fights back by being even more critical and judgmental, by being more RIGHT and making others more WRONG!!!
The GREATEST THREAT to the Mego is sitting in silence with out any method, technique, practice, mantra, visualization, meditation music, prayer, affirmation…..Nothing to Do, No Where To Go,………. No One to Be. YIKES!!! 
Super Megos/Megos do not like formless meditation at all. What a waste of time! I could be off doing something really important to get all enlightened because when I am finally enlightened I’ll be eternally RIGHT and all of those unenlightned idiots totally Wrong!
In silence, the MEGO is not being fed by any thing. It spins around like a Tasmanian Devil for awhile, but if it is not fed, it eventually rests… and disappears. It doesn’t really exist in the first place.
 And then This that is  prior to everything, This that illuminates the Mego and all things, is realized as always already being present and being what you truly are… ever present, ever fresh, the Light Prior to Consciousness, Unborn and Deathless. And it is all loving and all accepting of everyone and everything as its own Self. This is Hridaya, the Heart of all Being, my being , your being, their being. This is Unconditional Love, even for the Mego!!!
Another thing that you can do throughout the day that quiets the Mego is have an Attitude of Gratitude… even for yourself and all of those stupid people who are Clearly Wrong!!!
 And I could be wrong now.

But I don’t think so!


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