There is Truth

Depressed in Fog

There is Truth.

The Truth cannot be grasped and yet it can be realized.

The Truth is no “thing.” It is not an object within Consciousness. It is Consciousness Itself. It is this presence of awareness now.

The Truth has no qualities or attributes and therefore cannot be grasped by our mind. It is prior to every “thing,” including us. And yet it lives us. “It” is what we are.

The Truth is always present. Seeking Truth is based on the false idea that it is not always here and we are not always already an expression of Truth. Seeking Truth leads us away from it into realms of beliefs, concepts, ideas, teachings and systems.

There are many practical teachings and techniques that greatly enhance the quality of human life. This is very good. But these techniques and teachings are too often sold as pathways to Truth. This is a misunderstanding as there are no pathways to Truth. It is here and you are It. Truth can only be pointed to as the finger points to the moon. Do not mistake the finger for the moon it is pointing to.

Truth is not “beyond” everything, as some teachings teach. It is “prior” to everything. The Truth is not “That,” it is “This,” here, now.

The Truth cannot be owned, bought or sold. Any religion, teaching or system is a distortion of the Truth and feeds illusion and delusion. Hence, all of the holy wars throughout the ages. They persist even now.

The Truth is realized by understanding what it is not. It is not anything we can think about, conceptualize, believe, perceive or grasp. It is “Neti, neti” — it is not this, it is not that. Then what is It?

It is here, living us. It is the first fact all other facts are predicated upon. It is objectless Awareness. Everything appears and disappears within it.

The human experience of truth is Sat Chit Ananda or Being Conscious Love/Bliss. This gives the impression of Truth having qualities, but it is the human being that has these qualities upon realization of the truth. The truth stands free of all and everything and yet all and everything is the truth being expressed. Not two.

The Truth does set you free because you are unborn and deathless. You realize the less you identify with anything, the more you are everything.

Truth expressed is unconditional love. Unconditional means no conditions, no forms, no attributes or qualities. Love loves and accepts all of its expressions, all beings, always, everywhere. This is incomprehensible to the human mind. It can only be realized by the human heart.

Once Truth is realized, we are free to live our life fully and completely as a dynamic expression of Truth Being Consciousness Love/Bliss. This is what you are. This is the Truth of your Being.


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