Satsang and Natural Meditation


In the second half of satsang, we meditate together.

WHEN MEDITATING, it is helpful to sit in a comfortable, upright position, with spine, neck, and head in alignment. Let your breathing be relaxed, deep and diaphragmatic. Feel yourself effortlessly being breathed.

Meditation is being, not doing. 

You don’t meditate. You allow meditation to happen.


It is a natural, effortless way of being.

Resting means you are not attempting to change, manipulate or accomplish anything. You are simply resting, allowing everything to be as it is. There are no problems to be solved.

Effortless means you are not trying to be anything or anyone, nor make anything happen or not happen. You accept and welcome everything as it is, including yourself and your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Choiceless means you don’t have to choose one thought, feeling, or experience over another, nor think or figure anything out.

Silent means resting as the silence out of which everything arises and to which everything returns. Silence is always present and is the source of all there is. Silence is what is. You are this silence. “Silence is the language of God.” ~ Rumi

Awareness allows everything to be as it is.  It is the ultimate context of all and everything. It is the first fact all other facts are predicated upon. You are effortless awareness. This is true under all circumstances. Simply rest as awareness, aware of itself.

If your attention is hijacked by a thought stream flowing into the past or future, simply notice it and gently return your attention to the natural flow of your breath, which is always right here right now. And then effortlessly rest as the vast open sky of awareness.

At the end of each session, we focus in our Hearts and feed the cosmic field Loving Kindness to all beings everywhere as we chant OM three times, and then Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.

Shanti means peace.


Do Not Follow the Past.

Do not anticipate the future.

Rest as the present moment. 

Leave your mind alone.  ~ Padmasambhava







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