Satsang With Tom. Being Together

I don’t know what anyone “should” be doing about anything, except perhaps being kind to other beings.The only rule we have at satsang is be kind and respectful to everyone.

I call what I do “sharing.” This sharing is an expression of my own insights, understanding, and training over many years with many different gurus and teachers in both the enlightenment traditions and human potential movement. I make no claims about anything. What may deeply resonate and be useful with some people may not resonate at all with others. People who come to satsang have all sorts of backgrounds, experiences, views, interests and issues. All are welcome. Mostly what we enjoy is Being Together. This is satsang.

What is shared is an all inclusive view. It is smörgåsbord of views, pointers, and upayas (skillful and effective means.) People come, take what they want and leave the rest. It doesn’t matter to me. There are no “shoulds,” here. I am always happy to be with everyone who comes to satsang. 🙏❤🙏

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