The Thymus Thump — A Powerful Way to Enhance Your Health and Happiness

Do you enjoy being healthy, happy, and successful? If so, it is useful to be aware that your entire body/mind system is permeated by a matrix of conscious energy or life force that affects every aspect of your life. This radiant life force has been given different names by different cultures. It is known as chi or qi in China, ki in Japan, and prana in India. The ancient Greeks called it pneuma. But no matter what it is called, this matrix of conscious energy underlies our behavioral, cognitive, neurological, and chemical responses to life.
When this life force is strong and balanced, we feel good and have a positive attitude towards our selves, our lives, and other people. We are life positive. When this life force is weak or imbalanced, we feel dis-eased and apathetic. We are life negative.
There are many ways to cultivate and balance the radiant life force. Yoga, meditation, chi kung, and tai chi chuan are Eastern ways that have existed for thousands of years. More recently, the West has contributed new ways of cultivating and balancing the radiant life force through the techniques of energy psychology.
The pioneers in energy psychology were psychiatrist Dr. John Diamond and psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan, who drew upon the principles of acupuncture and kinesiology to develop techniques that would enable individuals to directly affect the flow of energy in their body/mind system. They discovered that when we tap on certain energy points located on different areas of our body, negative emotions, fears, phobias, and painful memories can be dissolved and released from the body/mind system. When these disturbances are released, we feel good and negative behaviors and attitudes dissipate to be replaced by a new enthusiasm for life.
The treatment protocols of energy psychology are often easy, enjoyable, fast acting and thorough. One of the simplest yet powerful techniques of energy psychology is known as the Thymus Thump.
The thymus gland is the immune system’s source of T cells, specialized white blood cells that defend our bodies against disease processes, including viral infections and cancer.
Dr. Diamond discovered that, in addition to its significance to immune function, the thymus is “the master switch” of the entire energy matrix of the body/mind system. According to Dr. Diamond, the strength of our thymus is an indicator of our will to be well. High-thymus types are positive people who respond with strength and courage to life’s difficulties. The primary positive thymus attributes are faith, trust, gratitude and courage. Low-thymus types tend to be more negative and passive, with lower levels of functioning. Their primary attributes are fear, hate, and envy.
The good news is that it is easy to activate the thymus and thus our life energy with the Thymus Thump. I recommend practicing this technique first thing in the morning to activate your life energy and balance your body/mind system for a positive, healthy, and successful day. It can also be practiced throughout the day whenever you need energy, strength or focus. But don’t overdo it and cause soreness or inflammation on the sternum. A few times a day is enough. Here is how the Thymus Thump is done.
1. Locate the area of the thymus by finding the notch at the bottom of the throat created by the collarbones and sternum. From this point move down the sternum about 2 to 3 inches. The sternum acts as the head of a drum, sending vibrational energy into the thymus.
2. Using either hand, place all five fingertips together and begin thumping on the sternum over the thymus. The thumping should be firm enough to make your voice vibrate if you were talking, yet not uncomfortable. Breathe deeply from the diaphragm! Use deep inhalation and long exhalation. Slow, deep breathing helps circulate the radiant life force.
3. Dr. Diamond found that thumping with a waltz beat rhythm, 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3, makes the technique even more effective.
4. While thumping, mentally affirm Yes! to yourself, Yes! to life, Yes! to this moment, Yes! to any difficulty you may be facing during the day.
5. Dr. David Hawkins, a psychiatrist involved in energy psychology, recommends smiling while doing the Thymus Thump. Research shows that just smiling has a very positive impact on the body/mind system. Smiling while thumping your thymus makes this technique even more powerful.
6. Continue the Thymus Thump, Yes! affirmation, deep breathing, and smiling for 30 to 60 seconds or so. Use your intuition to discover the right length of time for you. As you thump, be aware of the flow of radiant life force throughout your body/mind system!
7. Enjoy your new energy and positive attitude towards life. Your aura of positive energy will flow out and positively affect those around you. Happiness is contagious.
(Tom Thompson is an Energy Diagnosis and Treatment Methods Certified Practitioner,  hypnotherapist and facilitator of Conscious Living at The Awakened Heart Center for Conscious Living in Pittsboro, NC. He may be reached at 910-692-0995 or

2 thoughts on “The Thymus Thump — A Powerful Way to Enhance Your Health and Happiness

  1. Thanks for your writings. Even having learned and practised (and put away in my subconscious or somewhere) your teachings over the years, I am grateful to be able to rekindle them. Thank you.


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