Who Am I?


WHO or WHAT am I? This is the fundamental question.

Am I my body? Am I my thoughts? Am I my emotions?

Am I my beliefs, concepts, programs, experiences, attitudes,

or philosophy?

“I” as the ego is a program of interrelated thoughts, beliefs, experiences, interpretations, and memories that forms the internal cognitive map that tells us who we are, who others are, what the world is all about, and what will happen next. To make the world fit our map, we learn to have very selective perceptions that reinforce our map.

Our ego’s survival is based on maintaining this map. Our ego is a fear-based, self-perpetuating survival mechanism that perceives change as very threatening to it. Our ego is very invested in maintaining its comfort zone within its map and so it subtly sabotages all true spiritual awareness by turning it into religious belief, which is in the domain of the ego’s map.

To truly awaken to Truth, we must release the known—our path, our map, and our “I”— and leap into the unknowable. There is no way to prepare for this or to be ready to do this. The ego will make sure of that!

Become quiet. Turn your attention towards your “I.” When looked for, “I” cannot be found. Then Truth is recognized as being always already present. Unborn Deathless Free.


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