Natural Spontaneous Meditation and Recognition


What we call our conscious mind or  “me” mind is a very small, encapsulated part of the totality of our Being. And yet it is the part we are most deeply identified with. All around it (actually nonlocally) are other aspects of dynamic intelligence, intuition and unconditional love keeping us alive as an expression of the animating intelligence of Being.

NATURAL MEDITATION is relaxing our identification with the on-going commentator or voice in our mind which we call “me,” and allowing something much greater to take over.

For some, initially this can be frightening and resisted as “me,” seems to be loosing control (as if it ever had any) and disappearing into the vastness of Being.

This is natural, effortless – (because “I” am not doing it), spontaneous meditation. Many capacities and levels of consciousness that have been outside our normal “me” mind are now realized. There is direct awareness of our seamless connection as the cosmic animating Intelligence of the universe.

 Natural Meditation is similar to an apparently independent computer suddenly realizing it has always already been connected to the Internet, the World Wide Web, and is now realizing and actualizing this profound connection.

If you feel a “thrill” while reading this, that thrill is IT responding to this message! Relax into this feeling, open to it , and allow it to take over. It will reveal things way beyond the “me” mind’s capacity of  believing and knowing as it is transcendent yet immanent in the on-going trance of “me,” thought and language.

Wonderful awarenesses will be revealed, realized and actualized. This freedom of unconditional love  and intelligence is now expressing out into this world through you as you.

“There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio,  Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” ~ Hamlet


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