What is authoring you?

Tom Thompson, Wayne Liquorman, Tom Scheve in front of The Hara Foundation 2001

“I WAS A SPIRITUAL SEEKER FOR MANY YEARS and had been with really, really great gurus and teachers. I had received tremendous benefit from them on many levels. And then after reading Wayne Liquorman’s first book, No Way by Ram Tzu, we invited Wayne to our center. I thought he would be a very interesting and amusing teacher, but did not expect him to have too much impact, especially with me. What I didn’t know was that outside my conscious awareness I had been building up critical mass around a certain essential issue of life and Wayne would be the one who dropped the feather that would bring everything tumbling down.

During one of his satsangs at our center, then known as The Hara Foundation, Wayne said something like, “If you are really authoring your life, wouldn’t you be doing a better job of it? Wouldn’t you always be happy, healthy, wealthy, successful, enlightened and in love? Well, wouldn’t you?”

Simple enough statement. Certainly something to be considered and looked at. But at that moment, I had reached the tipping point. Critical mass had been reached. I had a powerful satori, perhaps the most profound revelation of my life. I saw beyond a shadow of a doubt that “I,” as an apparent separate self, am not authoring “my” life or any aspect of my life. “I” am powerless. That whatever “I” have clearly has been given to me. Including whatever powers and abilities “I” imagine I have.

Is this also true for you?

Although this was seen very clearly at the time, it took several years for the repercussions to fully filter down. I didn’t speak about it for awhile because it was so clearly seen that it seemed obvious that everyone knew this.

How could it be otherwise?

If you still have the idea that you are the author of your life, then lets try a simple experiment. Stop thinking right now for one minute. No tricks, methods or techniques like hitting yourself on the head with a hammer or sniffing ether. Using only your “free will,” which you claim to have, stop thinking right now for one minute. How hard can this be? That means the voice in your head that is always talking to you is completely silent for one minute. It isn’t saying something like, “I got this, this is a piece of cake,” or something similar. That voice is so familiar that most people do not even notice it yapping at them all of the time because that voice in their head is what they think they are.

If the voice stops, “they” disappear.

There is only silence. Pure awareness. No internal commentator.

Give it a try. One minute. Be honest. How hard can it be?




(A response to a friend)
Yes, you are blessed!
Grace is unbidden, unmerited, unearned, undeserved and freely given. Who knows why?
The only wise response is profound gratitude…
I was up very late one night many years ago watching Billy Graham on TV – God only knows why — and Billy started talking about grace!
I was amazed! For the first time ever we were completely on the same page!
Humility arises when it is very clear we are empty flutes played by the breath of God.

A True Guru


This essay was written in response to a question someone asked about gurus –

A true guru (sat guru) can be of any culture or religion or no religion at all. They are a clear channels of divine grace. It is not their doing or choice, it is grace’s doing. They are an empty flute. Guru is not a status one achieves thru intent or effort or training. And it can happen. Through grace. Grace happens outside the realm of the do-er, of the “me.”

And the student usually comes to the guru with a “I’m Not OK, but the Guru is OK,” mind set, because the flow of grace through the guru draws them.  In Transactional Analysis this would be Not Ok Child to OK Parent.
Many people seem to need and want this relationship, a mommy or daddy to tell them what to think, feel, and do. Humans are herd animals ( my friends prefer I say social beings instead of herd animals) and like to have an Alpha male or female lead them around. This is just the way it is and always has been.

BUT if the Guru is clear and honest, they get the student out of dependence to an Adult to Adult, I’m OK , You ‘re OK relationship as soon as possible. And they play together in the Divine Play as  Natural Child with Natural Child.

In Shaktipat or true spiritual baptism, the ascent of grace awakens the student to the realization, “God dwells within me as me, and in everyone else. There is only God.” A true guru knows this and knows the winds of grace are always blowing. They know the disciple is always already as much God as the guru is, they just haven’t recognize it yet. The guru just keeps pointing it out one way or another until they do…and it happens by grace.

But you can’t have a successful cult if you keep empowering the students. Most who claim to be gurus have spiritually by-passed, are narcissistically encapsulated, and want power and adoration. “I am god but you are not and here are all the hoops you have to leap through if you ever want to be like me.”

True enlightenment is a loss of something – the loss of a sense of a “separate” self, an autonomous doer. There is not the loss of a functional cognitive center within the body. It is the way the body is designed. I AM, there is no me.

We are empty flutes with the winds of grace blowing through us.

The truly great Indian sat gurus of the 20th century – Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramana Maharishi, Bhagwan Nityananda, and Neem Karoli Baba,  did not run off touring the world seeking disciples and spreading the good news. They stayed at home allowing the Shakti, the power of grace, to do all of the work. They let go and let God, so to speak.

I am using the word, “god,” for the sake of simplicity but you can plug in any word you are comfortable with,  The Mystery, The Unknown, Tao,  Pure Consciousness, Being, The Implicate Order, The Matrix,  Christ Consciousness, This, That, Them, whatever.

The great way is beyond all words. And yet it is always here as you. Without you, nothing exists!

True Meditation

TRUE MEDITATION is being still and letting go of identification with the “me”-mind, with thinking and trying to figure everything out. It is deeply relaxing, opening and letting go. It is taking our hands off the steering wheel of life for a little while and allowing the power of Consciousness to awaken other capacities, dimensions of being, awareness, intuition and revelation that are seamlessly expressing the wholeness of all life. These revelations then flow into personal awareness, and the relationships and activities of our everyday life. They manifest as loving kindness, compassion, wisdom, intelligence, insight and the ability to act skillfully and effectively in the world. There are no words to accurately express this. And yet everyone can find out for themselves!bigstock-131716193

Only Don’t Know

There are many revelations and, for lack of a better word, experiences such as bliss/joy/love or wisdom/insight/recognition that are transcendent to the person and their biology, and do not fit neatly into any human conceptual category. Words are used as humans try to communicate with each other, but words lead many to thinking they know what is being pointed to, when clearly they don’t. They also may assume that because they haven’t had the insight, experience or revelation, then it must not exist, can be explained away or is some form of delusion.

“The Tao that can be spoken about is not the true Tao.” ~ Lao Tzu

I usually just don’t talk about many things as it leads most people to look for the lost key under the street light of their personal knowledge and experience rather than where it actually is. Not within the known.

In Zen it is said, “Open mouth already a mistake.” And for good reason.

The human mind likes to make sense of experiences and put them into nice little conceptual boxes. So the tendency is to think, “Oh- I know what that experience is. It must be neurotransmitters, or hallucinations, or wishful thinking, or delusions.”  “If it is not within my experience or realm of knowing, then it must not be valid.”

“Everyone takes the limits of their own vision for the limits of the world.” ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

The elephant in the room is not only different than we think, it is different than we can think.

As Shakespeare points out, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Only don’t know.


Why I Love to Meditate!



I have meditated almost every day for over 50 years. I know Being Consciousness Bliss is out of vogue and not cool theses days but I have never been “cool” and have just learned to live with it! 😂 The incredible joy and profound downloads of deep insight and love that come from what I call Kundalini Samadhi are very empowering and make life beautiful and bearable. It is plugging into the non-local Intelligence of the Cosmos. It is a very life-positive form of meditation as it affirms everything and is all inclusive. “I” don’t meditate, “I” am meditated. It is a “take your hands off the steering wheel of life and let go and let Goddess” type of meditation. It includes duality, non-duality and This as It Is.  🙏 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️ 🙏
“There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy [ or science].” – Shakespeare

Is That So?

“Nobody ever becomes enlightened,” has become a very in vogue thing to say within the current spiritual milieu to show how enlightened we are. This statement can be very misleading.

When the intelligence of free awareness recognizes that there is no separate and unique self, there is still a functional cognitive center within the human body. Seeking has ended, the cognitive center knows seeking has ended, and it also knows it is not the author of itself or its thoughts, feelings and actions. In a way, it knows it is completely helpless!

There are no longer a lot of thoughts occupying its psychic space as it no longer has to keep propping itself up with games, beliefs, concepts, ideas, positions, philosophy, religion, etc.

Life (or whatever) creates it, uses it, flows through it, and is it. The embodied being relaxes into life as it wants to be lived. There is no resistance to it being as it is. All the thought that was once necessary to prop up a separate sense of self with its own little world is now gone. There is mostly silence instead. All the life energy once used to hold “me” and “my” world together is now free to dance as it will.

This embodied cognitive center is very aware something has stopped happening, and if asked, it may very well say, “enlightenment or awakening has happened.” What it means by that is something has stopped happening. It is simply reporting an experiential fact. Whether this fact is accepted by others or not is completely irrelevant. Who cares?

“Enlightenment only has meaning to the unenlightened because for the enlightened, there are no unenlightened. There is just this.”