Solipsism –

In true awakening, solipsism is blown apart, not realized. There is no longer a self- obsessed “me,” to be a solipsist .

There is no “my” consciousness – or anything else for that matter.A true teacher points out and helps one investigate what is essential and true. They do not program one with beliefs, philosophies or concepts. Quite the opposite, they pull the conceptual rug out from beneath ones’s feet over and over again.

When awakening happens, one awakens out of all of this as it is all human constructs. Many, if not most, get stuck in the Ghost’s Cave, the desert, existential despair, the emptiness and meaningless of it all. This is also where the solipsist view and philosophy may arise to protect the now seemingly “enlightened” “me.”

Because there are no longer any concepts or beliefs to cling to and seeking has apparently stopped, without a good teacher they think they are at the end of the road when in fact they are only half-baked.

This is a time a teacher can be essential.But the final truth is it all happens by grace, including finding a teacher who actually knows what they are doing. And yet, as Ramakrishna pointed out, the winds of grace are always blowing. 🙏❤🙏

Infinite Intelligent Energy

KUNDALINI SHAKTI is the infinite intelligent energy in an individuated form living us as us. We don’t awaken Kundalini, She awakens us. The concepts, beliefs and practices around Kundalini are cultural but the dynamic living experience of Kundalini is not.

It seems like awakened Kundalini is very similar to having another sense. You can’t explain what it is like to see to someone who hasn’t opened their eyes. Once their eyes open, it takes time to process and make sense of the absolute astonishment of what is being seen. Or they can close their eyes again.

Kundalini takes us out of ourselves into the infinite field of Being and returns us transformed. Something has been realized that can not be expressed in words, beliefs or thought and yet It has been expressed as Being Love Consciousness. This realization is available to anyone who opens their eyes, lets go and lets Goddess.

All there is, is Being being free.

Being freely becomes entranced in the story of “me,”

or Being freely drops the story of “me.”

Being may freely become a Parsis, Muslim, atheist, scientist, prostitute, bus driver, born again Christian, terroist, narcissist, politician, yogin, liberated being or you.

Being may spend decades practicing spiritual disciplines and getting nowhere since there is nowhere to go, or Being may spontaneously wake up to realizing all there is, is Being.

Being freely believes in religion, spirituality, karma, reincarnation, enlightenment, NDEs, OOBEs, life after death, ETs, astral travel, golf, conspiracy theories, chess, Big Foot, Walt Disney, and always Being right and making other people wrong.

Being freely disparages religion, spirituality, karma, reincarnation, enlightenment, NDEs, OOBEs, life after death, ETs, astral travel, golf conspiracy theories, chess, Big Foot, Donald Duck, and always Being right and making other people wrong.

Being may get very sick and sadly die at an early age of 3 or Being may live to be a 116 year old yogic saint.

Being freely becomes confused, depressed and has existential despair.

Being is all inclusive. There is nothing outside of Being as Being has no outside or inside, no beginning and no end. Being is infinite. Seamless. And yet Being freely takes every apparent form and expression, being everything and everyone. Freely.

You are Being freely being you. Just as you are right now you are perfectly Being you. And you are doing an exemplary job! Gassho to you!

Some people get all nervous and twitchy when I write things like this and want to argue with me about it, making them right and “me,” wrong. And that is OK. I am really good at Being wrong.

So hopefully to help those Beings relax a little, it is useful to remember once again that all words are little conceptual prison cells and at best can only Be pointers to Being. The truth spoken is a lie.

And please remember –

You can’t Be Being wrong. And Being can’t Be you wrong. Being loves you and is you as you just the way you are!

“Enlightenment is an accident. Meditation makes you accident prone.” ~ Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

MEDITATION is completely natural and practical as over 50 years of scientific research has shown regular meditation enhances over-all health, a sense of well-being, longevity and the higher functions of the brain along with greater Emotional Intelligence. The reason many people don’t like to meditate is because it actually works. Within the stillness of meditation, the neurotic process of the “autobiographical self,” temporarily or even permanently disappears, which is the last thing a “me” mind really wants to happen. As there is no “me,” in silence, the natural way of being begins to fully emerge.

HAVING TAUGHT MEDITATION to thousands of people all over the world for the last 50 years, I can honestly say the default mode for most people is one of a voice in their head (the “me”- mind) fixated on the worries and concerns of the past, present, future, work, money, relationships, dying and death. This internal dialogue also fabricates all sorts of stories, theories and philosophies about them. Natural Meditation develops meta-awareness so attention can notice this and gently release that fixation.

Because of the brain’s neuroplasticity, over time meditation shifts the default mode from one of distress to one of resting as the vast open sky of effortless, choiceless, silent awareness. Experience is no longer filtered through the neurotic process of the “me” mind and there is clear seeing instead. This is the natural way of being pointed to in all of the great awakening traditions such as Taoisim, Zen, Kashmir Shaivism and Dzogchen.

Being free and easy without fixation or fabrication is liberation. ~ Padmasambhava

Our Cognitive Center


There is a self or cognitive center within the body and it identifies with all sorts of experiences, programing, desires, impulses and does all sorts of stuff. And yet it can be clearly realized that it did not create itself nor the capacities and circumstances it was born into and lives within.

This self is not the author nor source of any of it. It is a secondary process, more like a commentator on what is happening. It has a lot of opinions and judgements but no power. Because it is at times very aware of its own powerlessness, it has fear, anxiety, depression and seeks for more power, control and understanding. It is constantly seeking in one form or another… and it is not the source of seeking either. It happens.

In a moment it can be realized that this encapsulated self is a function of the totality of being and does not exist in and as it imagines itself to be…as an encapsulated self.
There appears to be a separate self. It does not do itself. This can intellectually be seen very easily if one is honest about their direct experience. But the other possibility is this secondary function disappears completely
It doesn’t matter at all whether it does or does not disappear except when it does there seems to be much less struggle and more peace, presence and joy within the human organism.
This is a description, not a prescription. ❤️

Natural Spontaneous Meditation and Recognition


What we call our conscious mind or  “me” mind is a very small, encapsulated part of the totality of our Being. And yet it is the part we are most deeply identified with. All around it (actually nonlocally) are other aspects of dynamic intelligence, intuition and unconditional love keeping us alive as an expression of the animating intelligence of Being.

NATURAL MEDITATION is relaxing our identification with the on-going commentator or voice in our mind which we call “me,” and allowing something much greater to take over.

For some, initially this can be frightening and resisted as “me,” seems to be loosing control (as if it ever had any) and disappearing into the vastness of Being.

This is natural, effortless – (because “I” am not doing it), spontaneous meditation. Many capacities and levels of consciousness that have been outside our normal “me” mind are now realized. There is direct awareness of our seamless connection as the cosmic animating Intelligence of the universe.

 Natural Meditation is similar to an apparently independent computer suddenly realizing it has always already been connected to the Internet, the World Wide Web, and is now realizing and actualizing this profound connection.

If you feel a “thrill” while reading this, that thrill is IT responding to this message! Relax into this feeling, open to it , and allow it to take over. It will reveal things way beyond the “me” mind’s capacity of  believing and knowing as it is transcendent yet immanent in the on-going trance of “me,” thought and language.

Wonderful awarenesses will be revealed, realized and actualized. This freedom of unconditional love  and intelligence is now expressing out into this world through you as you.

“There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio,  Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” ~ Hamlet

NAIKAN: Developing an Attitude of Gratitude ( this is an article I wrote for a magazine many years ago)


After many years of learning and practicing techniques from the great spiritual traditions, both
East and West, I have discovered a handful that are truly effective and actually transform our lives for
the better…techniques that anyone can practice, no matter what their background or belief or lack
of belief.
One of the most powerful and useful practices I have discovered is the Japanese practice of
Naikan. Naikan means “inside looking.” Its origins are in the Jodo Shinshu school of Buddhism but
is not a Buddhist practice. In this century, Yoshimoto Ishin, a self-made millionaire, discovered the
usefulness of Naikan in his own awakening or enlightenment. Since he wanted to make this wonderful
practice available to everyone, he eased the physical restrictions and modified the procedure
somewhat for laymen. Dr. David K. Reynolds, a psychologist, learned Naikan in Japan and brought it
to the United State as an essential aspect of his Constructive Living training.
What now follows is my interpretation of Naikan as I teach it in the Hara Training at The
Awakened Heart Center for Conscious Living. If you want to know more about Naikan and
Constructive Living, please contact the TODO INSTITUTE:
Naikan is a transcendent way of life that leads us beyond ourselves to enlightenment. Naikan
enables us to develop a deep attitude of gratitude and respect for all of our life based on our actual
experience. To practice Naikan, we do not have to believe anything. All we have to do is accurately
report the truth of our daily life.
Many of us have learned to be victims in life. We experience life as full of problems and we have
no recourse other than to complain. Things are just not turning out the way we think/feel they should.
“Poor, poor, pitiful me.” Everyone and everything is doing it to me and I’m doing the very best that I
can against all odds. This is the victim stance and much of our social structure supports and reinforces
the victim racket… it seems so real!
Naikan frees our attention from our victim stance and focuses it on the fact that we live in an
incredibly supportive and nurturing universe. Naikan deals with facts, not opinions or hysterical
reactions. For instance, if I practice Naikan right now, I realize I am typing on a typewriter that has
served me very well for years. Someone made it for me and it was sold to me at a price I could afford,
even though it took over 100 years of technical research to develop such a fine instrument. I am
thankful for my typewriter. I am thankful for the paper I put in it. I am thankful for the portable phone
beside me so I don’t have to get up each time the phone rings. And the technology that developed the
telephone cost millions of dollars — yet I only have to pay a few dollars a month to use this awesome
technology. I am thankful I have a job to pay for all of this. I am thankful I have time to write this
article. I am thankful for the garbage man, the mail man, the people who built my house, my car, our
roads, our town. I am thankful for the magazine that publishes this article and for you, the reader, that
reads it.
As we practice Naikan sincerely, we begin to realize, from the very depths of our being, that we live
in a completely interdependent universe, that we could not survive without others, that much more
is given to us each day than we could possibly give back, that our simple daily lives are dependent on
thousands of people and millions of dollars just to get us through our day. As we practice Naikan,
we come to realize, from deep within, that our life is a wonderful gift filled with opportunities and the entire universe supports us being who we are. As we practice Naikan, we stop being victims, we stop
complaining, and become masters of our lives expressing respect and gratitude in everything we do. We
begin to see clearly what a wonderful gift our life is. We are sincerely grateful.
The practices of Naikan that I recommend to begin with are four. I recommend doing them for 15
to 30 minutes right before bed, right before you go to sleep, except the fourth one which you can do
anytime. 1) Ask what you have received from others today. Include everything such as where did you get
the bed you are sleeping on, who changed the sheets, who made the clock by your bed for you, wrote
the book you are reading, who taught you how to read. Once you get the hang of it, the list is always
endless and always humbling. If we tell the truth, we have always received much more than we have
given. 2) What have I given to others today? Be honest. It is good to see that we have given less than
we have received. It is very important not to get involved in guilt and inadequacy here — that is not the
point at all. The point is to directly recognize that we are not separated, isolated creatures but part of a
much greater process that transcends our limited personality. We are completely interdependent with
each other. We are part and parcel of a much greater whole. As we continue to practice Naikan, we begin
to recognize that everyone and everything is an aspect of this one dynamic whole. 3) What trouble have
I caused others? Again, the point of this inquiry is not to create guilt or shame but rather to recognize
we are far from perfect and yet this amazing universe continues to have us, support us, take care of us.
As we practice Naikan, we begin to move from “I, Me, Mine” to the wholeness of “Us, We, Ours.”
There is no longer a “Them” because we realized “They” are “Us”. 4) Do secret services to others
in which you receive no recognition. This practice is especially useful in relationships that are going
through difficult times — whether at work or at home. We stop looking for something to complain about
and instead look for situations in which we may be secretly useful. We become a secret ally to our
supposed foe. We become supportive to the interdependent whole that we are.
It is important to do theses practices daily and sincerely. In a very short time we will notice an
amazing change in life and in ourselves. Our whole attitude changes for the better. We are actually
becoming free of our self-obsessed neurotic narcissism and begin to live joyfully in every aspect of our
life. If we make a sincere and deep commitment to Naikan, we can actually realize true enlightenment
and be free.
Again, Naikan can be practiced by anyone of any faith or lack of faith. It requires no belief, only
an honest assessment of the facts of our life. If everyone practiced Naikan, just imagine what the world
would be like!
And now I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Dr. David K. Reynolds:
“I have never met a neurotic person who is filled with gratitude. And neither have you!”



“Spiritual” awakening does not seem to be in anyone’s hands – it happens to some apparent people.
When the compulsion to awaken happens, there is nothing to be done. Yesterday in satsang, I compared it to a spinning top. Almost all societal, familial, religious, spiritual, psychological and personal injunctions are to keep your top spinning as fast as possible. But when awakening begins to happen, the top begins to slow down and wobble. So we rush off to find a way to keep it spinning, a new teaching, a new project, a new relationship, a new course or seminar,…whatever.
But slowly, slowly, the top goes back to wobbling and then one day it just falls over and stops forever. And then it is seen there is no top. It is not something we are, it is something we do.
Our satsang is full of wobbling tops. Some have fallen over. Those that want to keep spinning as fast as possible do not stick around for long! This is a description, not a prescription. You know whether you are a wobbling top or not!
And special thanks to all the wobbling tops who come to satsang! 🙏❤️🙏

Satsang and Direct Transmission


When I speak of “transmission,” I mean the direct recognition triggered by intelligent energy that seems to come from outside the apparently encapsulated “me-mind” and frees the apparent experience of limited awareness from the prison of belief, thoughts and concepts into the direct recognition of being the free, open, unobstructed field of awareness, love, and wisdom.

No matter what may be discussed or practiced, the foundation of satsang is this direct transmission of grace and resting as awake all-inclusive seamless awareness.

Satsang is a special transmission outside the scriptures, before words or thoughts arise. It is a direct pointing to one’s essential freedom and recognizing one’s true unborn nature prior to any beliefs, concepts or ideas.

The encapsulated “me” mind is a tension, a resistance. It is something that is done, it is not what we are.

Something wants you to wake up!

“The winds of grace are always blowing.” ~ Sri Ramakrishna

“All things are perfectly resolved in the Unborn.” ~ Bankei

The secret is to relax.  You are Home.   ❤️💥❤️

What is authoring you?

Tom Thompson, Wayne Liquorman, Tom Scheve in front of The Hara Foundation 2001

“I WAS A SPIRITUAL SEEKER FOR MANY YEARS and had been with really, really great gurus and teachers. I had received tremendous benefit from them on many levels. And then after reading Wayne Liquorman’s first book, No Way by Ram Tzu, we invited Wayne to our center. I thought he would be a very interesting and amusing teacher, but did not expect him to have too much impact, especially with me. What I didn’t know was that outside my conscious awareness I had been building up critical mass around a certain essential issue of life and Wayne would be the one who dropped the feather that would bring everything tumbling down.

During one of his satsangs at our center, then known as The Hara Foundation, Wayne said something like, “If you are really authoring your life, wouldn’t you be doing a better job of it? Wouldn’t you always be happy, healthy, wealthy, successful, enlightened and in love? Well, wouldn’t you?”

Simple enough statement. Certainly something to be considered and looked at. But at that moment, I had reached the tipping point. Critical mass had been reached. I had a powerful satori, perhaps the most profound revelation of my life. I saw beyond a shadow of a doubt that “I,” as an apparent separate self, am not authoring “my” life or any aspect of my life. “I” am powerless. That whatever “I” have clearly has been given to me. Including whatever powers and abilities “I” imagine I have.

Is this also true for you?

Although this was seen very clearly at the time, it took several years for the repercussions to fully filter down. I didn’t speak about it for awhile because it was so clearly seen that it seemed obvious that everyone knew this.

How could it be otherwise?

If you still have the idea that you are the author of your life, then lets try a simple experiment. Stop thinking right now for one minute. No tricks, methods or techniques like hitting yourself on the head with a hammer or sniffing ether. Using only your “free will,” which you claim to have, stop thinking right now for one minute. How hard can this be? That means the voice in your head that is always talking to you is completely silent for one minute. It isn’t saying something like, “I got this, this is a piece of cake,” or something similar. That voice is so familiar that most people do not even notice it yapping at them all of the time because that voice in their head is what they think they are.

If the voice stops, “they” disappear.

There is only silence. Pure awareness. No internal commentator.

Give it a try. One minute. Be honest. How hard can it be?