The Four Expressions of Natural Meditation


Truth, Awareness, God is simultaneously immanent and transcendent. Natural (sahaj) Meditation is the spontaneous process of the Infinite Light of Awareness living through you as you (Kundalini.) This Light manifests as Awareness, Love, Joy, Creative Intelligence, and Skillful Action. This happens now. The more you rest as presence, the greater this Light shines through you. There is only this Light.

Kundalini Shakti is the individuated aspect of this Light of Awareness manifesting within you as you. There are four expressions of Natural Meditation.

(Additional and more detailed instructions are given by Tom in weekly satsang)

1. Settling the Mind: Exclusive meditation – focusing to quiet the mind.

Sit upright in a comfortable position with spine, neck and head in proper alignment. It is the creative power of  Kundalini that has humans evolve as upright beings. After completing pranayama (Alternate Nostril Breathing, Breath of Fire and the Circle of Light), allow your attention to gently focus in the hara (kanda in yogic terms) below the navel and feel yourself being breathed. The belly expands with inhalation and contracts with exhalation. The Kanda is where the Kundalini Shakti rests. Ujjayi breathing with the Hamsa (Hong-Sauh) Mantra can help focus attention. Ham is “I Am” or Shiva, the Absolute Transcendent Awareness. Sa is “This” or Shakti, the immanent manifestation of the play of Consciousness. With each inhalation, hear the sound of HONG – as in song – in the breath. With each exhalation, hear the sound of SAUH – as in saw – in the breath.  If attention wanders, gently bringing it back to the mantra and the breath as this balances the currents of life (prana) within you and allows the Kundalini to safely and naturally unfold. If spontaneous (sahaj) meditation begins to happen, let it happen.

2. Resting as Effortless, Choice-less, Silent Awareness: Inclusive Meditation: Being – allowing everything to be as it is.

Your hands are now off the steering wheel of life and “you” are not doing anything. Let go of all control and the need to manipulate anything. Welcome everything on every level. There is just the presence of awareness effortlessly and naturally noticing whatever arises. Free attention will spontaneously move within this infinite field of awareness. Simply Be As You Are without any modifications. If spontaneous (sahaj) meditation begins to happen, let it happen.

3. Natural Spontaneous Meditation (sahaj meditation) happens. You are being meditated:

This occurs when the Kundalini Shakti takes over and meditates you. You open and relax completely into the process.  Deep surrender spontaneously happens. This is Divine Love and Intelligence working very deeply within you on every level of your being. This phase of meditation can be called Letting Go and Letting God/dess.

4. Eyes Open or Natural Sahaj Samadhi – the all inclusive awareness of HRIDAYA — The Heart of Conscious Living — I AM Nothing Being Everything:

This is 24/7 meditation based on the awareness that there is only Awareness, Awareness is all there is. Awareness dwells within you as you and as all beings and all things everywhere. You recognize that you, the entire universe and everything in it is the play of the Light of Awareness. You are this. This is as God as it gets.

Some philosophers say the Truth can not be known. Yet the Truth is always experienced, at every moment of our lives.” – Baba Muktananda

“Siddha Meditation is the recognition that everything you see, touch, hear, smell, taste, imagine, think, dream or in anyway experience is the same Divine Consciousness as your Self.” 
– Baba Muktananda

“God dwells within you as you.” – Baba Muktananda


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