“YOU” As the Siddhi of Non-dual Tantrik Awareness

IMG_1909First, the usual disclaimer that these words are simply pointers towards something beyond mind, beyond words, beyond the relative and yet also includes mind, words and the relative. Not two. These words have the power to awaken an intuitive realization of something true about life, true about you, that is well worth living and being. I am pointing towards this possibility that is here and always present, and am willing to clarify it, but am not willing to argue about it nor defend it. This pointing is descriptive, not prescriptive, although it is fun to have a prescription now and again. So consider this.

Tantrik realization is the direct recognition that the dual and the non-dual, the relative and the absolute, the unborn and the born, the enlightened and the deluded, you and all that is not you, are One and the same. There is no difference.

For some of us there comes a time when the normally accepted goals and purposes of life no longer make sense. We begin to deeply question what life is all about, if anything at all. This questioning is usually triggered by some sort of suffering in our lives, even the suffering of having it all- health, wealth, love and fame–and discovering we still feel empty or incomplete. When this questioning begins, we discover there are all sorts of answers available everywhere. Religious institutions, metaphysical systems, new age teachings, gurus, cults, philosophy and science all have answers for us. Based on our natural disposition, we will be inclined towards one set of answers or another. Our search for our answer begins by looking out there beyond ourselves into the world of belief, knowledge, theories, practices, rituals, books, teachers, therapists, and what-have-you.

If we are lucky, someone will point out that no matter what answers we may find or path we may follow, the whole process and problem of life is predicated on this sense of a “me” separate from everything else. “Me” or “I” is the common denominator of everything that happens in our life. Without “me,” there is no awareness, no life, no experience, no thoughts, and no problems!

So now the investigation of “what is this “me” or “I” ?” begins, since everything in life is predicated on this “me” or “I”. I am going to assume that everyone who is reading this has done this investigation, so I won’t have to bore you or me to death by describing all the details of this investigation. Very simply, you look at the looker and become conscious of this that is aware of the “I” sense and everything else. Done sincerely, it is discovered that Consciousness is the context of all experience, including the experience of “me” or “I”. It is seen that Consciousness is aware and that is All. As Itself, It has no form or attributes and yet is aware of Itself as all forms and attributes. Consciousness is all inclusive in its awareness. It is aware of everything and nothing. Everything and nothing are not two in the context of Consciousness, as both are equal expressions of Consciousness.

Without Consciousness nothing exists. Nothing exists because of Consciousness. (Pay attention to what you just read!)

Non-dual Tantra is all inclusive and allows everything to be as it is, as there is only Consciousness Being Aware of Itself as the contents of Its own awareness. This Consciousness freely includes Itself as the apparent dual nature of relative experience and of an apparent “me” separate from everything else.

The Siddhi of Consciousness is Its power to recognize Its own true nature and at the very same time Its own creative play as the apparently limited forms expressed as duality. This power is Chit Kundalini Shakti. It is the pre-set alarm clock that wakes Consciousness up out of the dream of separation and yet at the same time allows Consciousness to be free and lucid within the dream of separation. After-all, dreamer or no dreamer, form or formless, relative or absolute, there is only Consciousness. This is recognition is true moksha, or the freedom of Consciousness to be as It is.

When Consciousness seems only identified as a separate individual “me” in a universe of “other than me”, the Kundalini, or power of Consciousness to know Itself, is asleep and Consciousness is hypnotized into identification with and separation in the form it is freely manifesting as.

When seeking begins within the “me”, Kundalini is beginning to awaken Consciousness from the dream of separation. This awakening can appear to be sudden or gradual, caused or uncaused. There appears to be a sudden or gradual collapse of Consciousness identifying with the forms, dreams and dimensions it has created. Perfect freedom then recognizes Itself as always already having been perfectly free.

It also recognizes that a perfect expression of its perfect freedom is the dream character, the “me” and all of “my” delusions and dreams, desires and aversions. Everything and nothing are all It. It is all Chit Kundalini Shakti. It is Consciousness at rest and Consciousness at play, Consciousness without form and Consciousness as form, dual and non-dual, One and the same. It is you, being who you are as you are. You are the Siddhi of Non-dual Tantrik Awareness. Simply Be as you are.

As Wayne Liquorman says, “You can’t do this wrong.”