What is Conscious Living?

Friends Being With Friends
Friends Being With Friends

Conscious Living is a description of what happens when the true nature of reality is fully recognized and then this recognition is actualized in the living of day to day life. Conscious Living is the apparent individual fully recognizing that they and everything and everyone else are equal expressions of the totality of being. This recognition is all inclusive. When actually realized, this is Wisdom, i.e. I am a wave in the ocean of life and so is everything and everyone else. There is only the ocean of life and it is all inclusive.

This Wisdom naturally leads to the expression of Joyful Compassion, which is the natural love and acceptance of everyone and everything as an equal expression of the One, including oneself.

Wisdom and Compassion naturally lead to skillful and effective Action in the world as it has been seen that One is only interacting with One’s Self. Conscious Living is the actualization of realization expressed as wisdom, compassion and skillful action in this life and this world as it is. Conscious Living is naturally a playful, loving, skillful and joyful expression of life as it is now.